C E Chapman & Co operates in most areas of the law including:


  • Business & Commercial Law
    We act for a wide range of business and commercial clients from large scale organisations to small shop owners and operators. We treat all business and commercial clients with the same level of care and attention to detail, no matter the size of the business.  We have expertise in selling, purchasing, leasing, GST and stamp duty considerations, partnerships, joint ventures and trusts.


  • Conveyancing & Property
    We can assist in both the buying and selling of a property, whether by auction or private treaty. We can also advise on related matters including obtaining finance, applying for the first home owners grant, stamp duty concessions, the apportionment of ownership between couples and the making of a Will.

    In addition we can assist with subdivisions and developments, working closely with related professionals to ensure smooth completion of all aspects of the matter.


  • Wills, Probate & Estate Planning
    We believe it is crucial to the good management of your affairs to have a Will. We can also advise on whether you should sign a Power of Attorney and/or appoint a Guardian to deal with matters if you become seriously ill or frail. These issues become of greater concern for the elderly and we are happy to arrange a home visit if you cannot travel to our office.

    There are occasions when the terms of a Will are contested and we have experience in acting for both executors and claimants in respect of Family Provision claims.

    In addition we act in the administration of deceased estates and the distribution of estate assets. We can assist in matters where a Will exists or where there is no Will (intestacy).


  • Family Law & De Facto Relationships
    We can assist in all areas relating to family law and de facto relationships (both heterosexual and same sex relationships) including property division, separation/divorce and matters relating to children. It is also important to consider the financial effects of entering into marriage and/or a de facto relationship and associated matters such as the making of a Will.


  • Liquor Licensing
    This is a specialised area of law and we have many years of experience in dealing with the buying, selling and leasing of licensed premises. We can also assist in efficiently dealing with the multitude of legal issues that arise from owning or leasing a portfolio of licensed premises.


  • Commercial & General Litigation
    We represent clients in the Federal Court, Supreme Court, District Court and Local Court in a range of litigation matters, whether as the plaintiff or the defendant. Our experience in business and commercial law gives us a greater understanding of the issues involved in a litigated commercial matter. We can use our thorough knowledge of the business operations of commercial clients to quickly and efficiently deal with different types of litigation that business and commercial clients may be involved in from time to time.


  • Debt Recovery
    We can assist you to recover or defend a debt recovery matter whether in the Supreme Court, District Court or Local Court. Again, our understanding of business and commercial law assists us in dealing with this type of matter.


  • Lease & Tenancy Laws
    We act for both landlords and tenants and have extensive experience in the negotiation of commercial leases and the resolution of commercial lease disputes. We are also happy to guide you on the requirements for entering a residential lease and on how best to solve a residential lease dispute quickly and efficiently.
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